What Do You Do When Plans Change? By Rosemary Legrand

My friends and I decided to take a girl getaway weekend trip to Houston/Galveston. One of my girlfriends, the coordinator extraordinaire, sent us photos of the hotel and our activity itinerary. We were on the phone for hours laughing and giggling as we prepared for this getaway. She said, “Don’t forget your swimsuit. We are going to have fun, fun, fun!” We had snacks to munch, the perfect music to listen to, and places to stop along the way. 

The day before we left, we checked the weather forecast. There was a storm coming but we thought, Maybe it won’t affect us. The morning of our departure we all met at our girlfriend’s house and were ready and eager to leave but we decided to pay close attention to the weather before we departed. To our dismay, we saw that Hurricane Delta was getting ready to touch the area where we had planned to have fun, fun, fun.

What do you do when you mind is ready to do something that seem to be so right? We discussed the alternative, since we were already packed and had left our individual homes. I was 45 minutes from home, which was already a getaway for me. We pondered on what we should do and decided to cancel the trip. What now? We decided to stay in Dallas and spend the weekend at our girlfriend’s house. What an awesome weekend it was. We went out to dinner, watched movies, played games, had a manicure session, prayed, laughed, bonded and enjoyed each other. 

When circumstances change it is good to know you are not alone.

After sitting and meditating on what happened, how much fun we had and how we got to know more about each other, we realized that God was in the midst of all the planning. Sometimes we are so focused on having our own plans, we fail to see the hand of God in everything we do. We left the weekend with great admiration and love for each other.

Proverbs 1:9 says, “In his heart a man plans his course but the Lord determines his steps.” The Lord determines our steps. This shows us that God is in control and He directs our path. Everything we go through has a purpose and it is to benefit the kingdom of God.  Had we gone on that trip, we would have been having so much fun, we would not have gotten to know each other and understand what each other was going through. When we listened to each other’s stories we were able to saturate each other in prayer even after we left to go our separate ways. God is awesome.

One of my favorite scriptures on God ordering our steps is: “The Lord directs our steps so why try to understand everything along the way” (Proverbs 20:24 NLT) Will you let Him into your plans and let Him guide your steps?  He knows the way. Trust Him.

May God richly bless you.


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