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Why Can’t it Be Easy? By Lisa Burkhardt Worley

I was reading in Matthew 17 the other day where tax collectors asked Peter if Jesus paid the temple tax. When Peter asked Jesus about it, Jesus basically said that He’s exempt because the tax is for God and God wouldn’t tax His own child. However so they would not offend anyone, Jesus chose to pay the tax. To get the needed four-drachma coin, He had Peter cast a fishing line into the lake, catch a fish, open its mouth and find the coin to be used for the tax.

So I was thinking, Why didn’t Jesus just give Peter the coin? If he can make it appear in a fish’s mouth, he could have caused it to materialize in his pocket. It would have been so much easier.

Then I thought, Which way glorified God more? This scene would have been easily forgettable if Jesus had just handed Peter the coin. This would have not been another example of Jesus’ supernatural power and deity. Peter would not have had any skin in it. Jesus’ disciple wouldn’t learn from the process. It would have been too easy.

Are you going through a situation right now that seems beyond your capability to bear? Are you wondering why God is taking so long to do something about it? I am with you. I have two simultaneous scenarios where I can either trust or give up. I know the power of the Lord. I know He can fix this. However, why isn’t He doing something about it—now? Why is it taking so long? Why can’t it be easy? 

But then I remembered the most difficult situations I’ve been through in life and the result.

If I hadn’t been fatherless I might not have sought out my heavenly Father.

If I hadn’t had an emotionally unstable mother, I might not have had empathy for broken women,

If I hadn’t lost my two television jobs, I might not have rededicated my life and eventually ended up in ministry.

If I hadn’t been hit by a car, crashed in a helicopter, and had a car accident, I wouldn’t have a healthy respect for life.

If I hadn’t been ill, I wouldn’t understand healing.

If I hadn’t made so many mistakes, I wouldn’t understand grace.

The list can go on but you understand what I mean. It’s not easy because we learn in the process. The process is difficult but God is leading us somewhere when we can’t see clearly ourselves. We come out of the fog with a deeper understanding of who Jesus is, and that’s what happened to Peter.

If you’re going through something right now, hold on. It may not be easy, but through prayer and an extra dose of faith, God will get you through it, and in the end, you will praise Him when you reflect on the result.


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