Lights that Have Power by Lisa Burkhardt Worley

It’s been a busy week.

My spiritual daughter, Lara, and I cleaned out my closet. I am not sure how it gets so cluttered—but it does.

Yesterday, a handyman installed drawers in our kitchen cabinets which made things more organized and easier to find, but created less room, so there were a lot of unneeded things discarded.

Like you, I’ve also been wrapping presents, and every year I say I will not buy the glitter-covered ribbon, but I forget, and make a sparkly mess all over the house.

I do all this to get ready for Christmas.

Yesterday, I also strung Christmas lights around my front door. Some of the nails were missing so I climbed on the step stool and hammered new ones into the doorframe, then fastened the light string on them. Before going through this process, I made sure the lights worked and plugged them into an inside outlet, but after I finished placing them around the door and connected them to the outside plug, they were dead. So disappointing!

That’s when a spiritual concept came to mind.

We can scurry around and wear ourselves out during the Christmas season, but conquering the mammoth to-do list is not going to be what creates joy and light that shines to others. We have to remember to plug into the right power source during this season—Worship, the Word of God, and Prayer—so we as believers have a bright light about us. Otherwise, we are just going to be worn out and lights that have no power. People need to be able to see why we have a bright hope!

Another way I stay connected to “the reason for the season” is by playing Christmas music as I do all of my chores. It’s a great reminder of why we celebrate this holiday when you sing along to O’ Come All Ye Faithful. “O’ come let us adore Him. O’ come let us adore Him. O’ come let us adore Him. Christ the Lord.”

Are you so busy plugging into holiday preparations that you’ve gotten away from connecting with the most important power source there is, Jesus, whose birth we are celebrating? It may be time to re-prioritize. Start your day with Him, remain connected, and become a powerful witness and light that draws others this Christmas.

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