Remain Focused by Dr. Lynnette Simm

I have to admit remaining focused on a task is hard for me. I have Attention Deficit Disorder, aka ADD. However, get me involved in something I love and I can have laser focus. For example, I love laundry. I know, I know. Not exactly what one should love, but starting with overwhelming baskets that end up empty is extremely satisfying, along with the warmth of folding straight from the dryer.

Then there is the obsessive-compulsive (OCD) aspect of a color-coded closet, well-organized drawers, and then we get back to the act of service out of love—laundry. Yet being able to stay focused when the task isn’t a passion is nearly impossible. Writing, for example, isn’t my favorite thing to do. You may doubt that statement because of my book or blogging, but these tasks are true struggles. 

There are also other parts of my life where I struggle to remain focused. Relationships are hard work and they require attention, but life can be so busy that we can feel like we are losing time when we reach out to someone. However, putting in the effort to remain focused on a person, whom you love, is such a gift. It lets that person know that they are valued, they are important, and they are loved. This type of focus can open your heart and it can open your life to such joy, so if there’s a relationship you haven’t focused on here are some tips to help:

  1. Remove distractions (this may mean hiding in the closet, garage, or go for a walk to have a moment to make a call)
  2. Set an appointment (make your relationships a priority) 
  3. Get personal (or virtually personal) vs social “media” (a call, walk, or a meal together)

Maybe these tips can help you build, revive, or connect to someone you’ve been neglecting or missing or who has been missing you! One such relationship that I have not been as focused on has been my time with Jesus. We have had some quick chats, prayer requests, and praises sent, but what I have been missing is some quality time with Him.

So I made an appointment with Jesus and we are meeting over the book of Ruth. It’s been amazing to reconnect in a way that is deepening my relationship and I am learning as well. 

I understand that remaining focused can be difficult; however, the gifts of joy, knowledge, and love are so worth the time and effort. Take it from me. 

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